Cyber Pirates Stole My Intellectual Property Again

Art Copyright Cecilia Velastegui

It’s too bad I have my two future novels already researched and outlined; otherwise I would love to write a scathing novel about cyber pirates. The timing couldn’t be any better. These are thieves who’ve stolen my novels—my intellectual property—and offered them ostensibly for a free download on the internet. However, if one is gullible enough to reply to their insistent free offers, the only way to actually download my works is to sign up with them on their constantly changing websites. The interested reader will be asked to fill out surveys, agree to other “free” offers, and divulge information that will further assist these thieves in overflowing their pirate chests. Cease and desist letters are a joke to these thieves, and they continue to sail the internet with impunity.

I don’t agree with recommendations that I pirate right back by directing my followers to these nefarious websites. This outlook is built on the flimsy premise that by cooperating with the pirates, authors can make these vile sites lead readers to my other works for sale in legitimate venues. I refuse to help the pirates wrap their illegal tentacles around more readers. There is no justification for cyber piracy. Selling or sharing illegal copies of novels is not only in contravention of copyright laws; it is harmful to authors in emotional, creative, and financial ways. Please remember that if you download an unauthorized free copy of one of my books, you are taking money right out of my pocket.